New Nvidia RTX Gaming Laptops are Blazing Fast, and Here’s the Proof

Asus Zephyrus GX701 - Tech News AngryGIF

The new Asus Zephyrus GX701 is the first laptop we’ve benchmarked with new RTX 20-series graphics. In the biggest update to mobile gaming graphics since 2016, versions of Nvidia’s new RTX 20-series GPUs are launching in laptops today. Originally announced at CES 2019, this represents a generational leap over the previous GTX models. The firstRead More


Google Releases A Free AI Tool To Identify Child Abuse

Google releases free AI tool to help companies identify child sexual abuse material

Google releases free AI tool to help companies identify child sexual abuse material Stamping out the spread of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is a priority for big internet companies. But it’s also a difficult and harrowing job for those on the frontline — human moderators who have to identify and remove abusive content. That’sRead More


China Will Limit The Wages Of Actors & Celebrities

China Will Limit The Wages Of Actors - AngryGIF

Movie stars and celebrities in China can make as much as or more than their Hollywood counterparts. The Chinese government is not happy about that. So officials moved this week to cap how much A-listers can make, citing potential damage to a fast-growing movie industry. The country’s largest studios said they would follow strict payRead More


World Cup 2018 UEFA – Best Goals 5 GIF

World Cup 2018 UEFA Best Goals AngryGIF

World Cup 2018 UEFA – Top 5 Goals In GIFs From AngryGIF! The best goals in the World Cup 2018 in animated pictures GIF HD! Awesome Goal On World Cup! Incredible goal – Master Stroke On World Cup 2018 Penalty Kick Turned Ito A Cool Goal – World Cup 2018 It’s Just An Incredible GoalRead More


Serena Williams Can Shock Wimbledon

Patrick McEnroe talks with The Post’s Justin Terranova about World Cup fever in England, Serena Williams’ Wimbledon return and the chances for a Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal men’s final. Q: What has the reaction to the World Cup been like over there? A: We had it on here in our booth Tuesday and all of ourRead More


iPhones Might Get Three Cameras

iphone-7-and-7-plus AngryGIF

iPhones might get three cameras, and Apple surprises Valve There’s been plenty of iPhone drama this week, but none of it has to do with the big conference–WWDC–Apple’s putting on next week, or even last week’s Samsung court case. Nope. Apple is drawing praise — and much more fire — for apps. Plus, two juicy rumors about future iPhone screensRead More