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Jessica Kylie “Rabbit” Bio

Jessica Kylie Zepeda "Rabbit" Bio

Jessica Kylie Zepeda “Rabbit” Bio It’s JESSICA KYLIE! Model Jessica Kylie got her start with the cover of Smooth Magazine in 2009 and her career has exploded ever since. It was her very first photoshoot so it was obvious that she was a natural. She is simply perfect from head to toe. Her body possesses dreamRead More


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Why doctors recommended that Kim Kardashian anymore not give pregnancy

Kim Kardashian Celebrite News

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kim Kardashians, doctors told Kim that a third pregnancy would be risky and even life-threatening owing to a potential complication known as a “retained placenta.” Here’s what that means, and why Kim is now seriously considering getting a surrogate mother. During the episode, Kim Kardashian visited two doctors,Read More


Kim Kardashian says ‘I love Kanye West

kim-kardashian-kanye-west on angrygif

When Kanye West premiered his Famous controversial music video, even his wife Kim didn’t quite know what to expect from the new clip. Kim Kardashian confessed that she didn’t see the finished video until it’s splashy debut last Friday at The Forum in Los Angeles. I do this specially  because I love to be surprised,Read More